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The world’s biggest garden

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Dubai Miracle Garden is world's biggest flower garden. It is situated in the North West Quadrant of Arabian Ranches interchange

The world’s largest flower garden… in the last place you would expect: Rainbow-coloured oasis with 45 MILLION flowers is in the middle of a desert:
· The Dubai Miracle Garden features over 45 flower species imported from all over the world
· A multitude of shaped archways, flowerbeds and s tructures can be seen at the 18-acre site
· The colourful array is watered by a system that recycles waste water while avoiding evaporation


PUBLISHED: 09:13 GMT, 20 June 2015 | UPDATED: 12:48 GMT, 20 June 2015
The middle of the desert is the last place you would expect to find the world’s largest flower garden, exploding with colour and textures.

But then again, in the city that prides itself on pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved – from the world’s talle st building to indoor ski slopes in the desert – what can you expect?

The Dubai Miracle Garden features a sensational 45 million flowers over an 18-acre site, from breathtaking flowerbeds to heart-shaped archways and adorned castles.



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