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Gatiep on death row

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Gatiep and Gammat is on death row and were sentenced to die in the electric chair.

Gatiep asks the warden: “Ek sê, my bra, is dis a long and painful story?”

“No,” says the warden, “We strap you in tight, flip a switch and then it’s all over.”

The day of the execution arrived, and first they took Gammat away.
Hours afterwards Gatiep could still hear Gammat scream, “Eina, eina, it’s sore, eina!”

Gatiep asks the warden, “Ek sê, my broe, I thought you said dis isent a big story, how is my chommie still screaming from hours of pain and suffering?”

The warden answers: “You see, it’s like this… Because of all this Eskom loadshedding the electricity is off, now we have to burn him with candles!

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