Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

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Afrikaanse grappe and English jokes

Gatiep phoned the Radio Station

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A radio station was having a competition where 10 people could win a trip to Mauritius if you met three simple criteria:
1) You should be fluent in English
2) You should be non-alcoholic
3) You should be employed

Gatiep called in…

Gatiep: “I carren’t reelly speek English so lekke…”

Presenter: “and…”

Gatiep: “En I’m drinking a lot of beers,”

Presenter: “and…”

Gatiep: “Joo see I don’t reelly work…”

Presenter: “So, what is it that you want, you don’t qualify for the competition.”

Gatiep: “Jaa, but I’m jus founing to say…

I’m not going wiff”

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